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About CSE


To offer advanced subjects in a flexible curriculum which will evolve our graduates to be competent, responding successfully to career opportunities to meet the ongoing needs of the industry

To progress as a centre of excellence adapting itself to the rapid developments in the field of computer science by performing a high-impact research and teaching environment


To impart high quality professional training in postgraduate and undergraduate level with strong emphasis on basic principles of Computer Science and Engineering.
To provide our students state-of-the-art academic environment and make unceasing attempts to instill the values that will prepare them for continuous learning.
To empower the youth in surrounding rural area with basics of computer education making them self-sufficient individuals.
To create teaching-learning environment that emphasizes depth, originality and critical thinking fostering leading-edge research in the ever-changing field of computer science.

About the department

        The Department will be the center of Excellence with competent faculty, state-of-art laboratory equipment, adequate infrastructure post graduate courses and research programs, which will be used to mould the students into leaders in their profession. With the fast changing arena and advent of technology, the ubiquitous use of computers compels people to become computer literates. Realizing this fact and raising to the occasion, the college went for this branch of engineering commemorating the decennial year of its inception. The department soon won laurels with the dedication and devotion of the faculty who are well qualified and experienced. With the halcyon and positive environment provided by the Management, the department made rapid strides and rose still to further heights by adding another branch of similar kind namely Information Technology, IT. The department is singularly distinct from the other departments in having highly sophisticated and well-equipped laboratories. Contribution of papers to national and international seminars and attending of QIPS by the faculty reflect their zeal for intellectual growth.

        The C.S.E branch was started in the year 2011 with an intake of 90 students and increased to 120 subsequently. The Department is headed by Miss. B.Mamatha, Assistant Professor, who is actively monitoring the activities of the department. She is having more than 4 years of teaching experience. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. The Department has two computer labs consisting of 120 terminals with latest configuration (P-IV systems). All the labs are LAN connected operating on Windows NT Operating System.

         The following software and operating systems are available with the department. OPERATING SYSTEMS :Windows NT, Windows 98, MS-DOS, Linux SOFTWARE : C,C++, VB, VC, Advanced Java, COBOL, ORACLE 8i, PL/SQL, UML, SQL,Weka 3.7,Visual paradigm.