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Welcome to our College
  1. Conveyance: College runs a fleet of buses from City to college for the staff and the students.  The schedule of bus trips are being arranged, so as to enable all the students and staff to reach the college and also leave for city after the college hours.
  2. Branch Post Office: For the convenience of staff and students, the postal authorities have opened a Branch Post Office at our sister concern, K.S.R.M College of Engineering
  3. College Canteen: Spacious and hygenic canteen is provided in the campus to cater the needs of the students and staff.
  4. Bank facility: State Bank of Hyderabad, Krishnapuram branch and HDFC bank ATM facility are available in our college campus.
  5. Bookstall: Students can get books, laboratory records, pens, papers, pencils from the stationery stall within the college premises.
  6. Xerox Facility: Xerox facility is also being made available on the college premises and also in the library for the benefit of students.
  7. Internet Facility: The college is equipped with 4 MBPS B.S.N.L leased line  Internet facility for students and staff
  8. Departmental Association: All the Engineering Departments have individual associations in which the students are the members. Under this banner students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular and extra curricular activities like delivering seminars, inviting guest lectures and participate in technical quizzes etc., to bring out the inherent talents of student community.
  9. NSS Unit: In order to inculate the service in the minds of students a National Services Scheme Unit has been established in the year 2013. Under the auspices of NSS., special and blood donation camps will be organized besides participating in "Clean and green" program.
  10. Career and Counseling Cell: Special classes are arranged for academically poor students every day evening for the benifit of students. Counseling will be conducted by the respective class teachers in every class to monitor their academic performance and any other problems related to their students.