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We continue to believe that our experiential learning model wherein 40 percent of programme time spread over three specially designed modules allows students to self-learn the problems facing rural India including that of agriculture, and empowers them to work towards their solutions for the rest of their career. This imparts greater objectivity and relevance to what they learn and practice in their career. We are proud that more than 200 KLMW alumni are being appreciated by their employers for their wisdom and endurance to work with rural people.



1.         Smt. S. Padmavathamma                                            Chairperson

            W/o Sri S. Sankar Reddy

2.         Smt. K. Rajeswari                                                       Vice-chairperson

            W/o Sri K. Sivananda Reddy

3.         Sri K. Sivananda Reddy                                             Secretary cum correspondent

            S/o Late Sri K. Obul Reddy

4.         Smt. K. Maheswari                                                     Treasurer

            W/o Sri K. Rajamohan Reddy

5.         Smt. S. Lakshmi Devi                                                 Member

            W/o Sri S. Ramamuni Reddy

6.         Smt. G. Sakunthala                                                     Member

            W/o Sri G.V. Raghava Reddy

7.         Smt. S. Likitha                                                            Member

            W/o Sri S. Venkata Siva Reddy

8.         Sri S. Sankar Reddy                                                   Member

            S/o. Sri S. Veera Reddy

9.         Sri K. Rajamohan Reddy                                            Member

            S/o Late Sri K. Obul Reddy